Third generation self-managing lending platform powered on AWS servers.

Join our ICO and be a part of the Crypto Revolution, it's happening!

What is EPC Coin

Short and straight to the point.

The Ethereum Blockchain has everything we need for our project; interoperability scalability and sustainability.

ERC20 standard on Ethereum Blockchain. To ensure the above displayed criteria we have decided to use the Ethereum Blockchain as it is already established as one of the best ecosystems in the cryptocurrency field. Going with a complete new blockchain project can cause many problems and we would like to prevent our investors from any issues and provide them with a stable environment.

We believe that every investor owning EPC Coin has an evergrowing asset in his/her hands. In the future you'll be able to use EPC Coin in several ways: to make fast and low fee transactions, to exchange it, to lend it, to stake it and more. Our goal is to disrupt the agenda and provide a global financial solution for those who seek transparency, security and anonymity without third party interference!

Token Distribution

Technical Specifications

Name EPC
Symbol EPC
Type ERC20
Decimals 18
Total Supply 1.21cr
ICO Supply 50 lac

EPC Coin ICO Details

Phase & Prices

Phase Coins Bonus Price
Phase-1 10 lac 30% 0.10
Phase-2 15 lac 10% 0.15
Phase-3 15 lac 10% 0.20
Phase-4 10 lac 0% 0.25

Each phase will continue until all the coins are sold out! After that, the next phase will start after maximum of a 24 hours period.

How To Participate?

What Do We Do to Operate

Arbitrage, trading-bot, marketing, etc.

Our trading strategy stack has several solid components which aim to ensure a stable passive income for our investors.
At its core there is an algorithmic trading software that utilizes a complex technical analysis to make split second decisions on what trades to take. The power of AI can combine machine learning, technical analysis and fundamental data extraction into one powerful trading tool. Moreover, when we add the arbitrage trading algorithm and our team of traders, we can safely say that you are in good hands.


30 Jan, 2018 EPC Coin Start
10 Mar, 2018 EPC Coin ICO End
25 Mar, 2018 EPC Coin Local Exchange
5 Apr, 2018 Block Explore Website
15 Apr, 2018 EPC Coin Window Wallet
30 Apr, 2018 Linux Desktop Wallet
10 May, 2018 EPC Coin on the Exchage Wallet
20 May, 2018 List on Coin Market Cap
5 June, 2018 Improve Website Future
20 Jun, 2018 Android and IOS Wallet
10 Jul, 2018 Debit Card
20 Jul, 2018 Financing for International Blockchain Technology
10 Aug, 2018 Exchange International
25 Aug, 2018 ECO System

Price Projection Graph

What You Can Do With EPC Coin

Lending, staking, trading & more


Lend capital to our algo-trading stack and earn interest on a daily basis. All interest is paid daily and is displayed on our dashboard.


Stake EPC Coin in our wallets and you will receive bonus returns every 24h from us. The first year all return percentages will be higher.


You will be able to trade EPC Coin immediately after our last generation internal exchange is launched in mid-February 2018.


In the near future we are planning to launch our decentralized marketplace, where users can use EPC Coin to buy and sell other goods.

EPC Coin Lending

Lending, staking, trading & more

Lend capital to our algo-trading system (EPC Coin AI) in order to earn interest every 24 hours. All interest percentages and capital movements can be tracked on our dashboard. In addition, after the ICO every new user registering without an affiliate link will be put under someone who already has active loans on the EPC Coin platform.

Amount (USDt) 100 - 1,000 1,001 - 5,000 5,001 - 10,000 10,001 - 20,000 20,0001+
Interest Up to 43% monthly Up to 43% monthly Up to 43% monthly Up to 43% monthly Up to 43% monthly
Bonus - +0.05% daily +0.10% daily +0.15% daily +0.20% daily
Full Capital Back 260 180 160 150 120
Min. Capital Lock * 180 90 80 75 60

* You can withdraw your capital earlier with a flat 25% fee.

Staking Bonus

Do not spend your coins

Staking is a great way to grow your EPC Coin balance. Anyone who is holding EPC Coin in our web-wallets will receive daily interest payed in EPC Coin. This is a remarkable way to grow your EPC Coin balance. For further information check our white paper.

Q1 2018 Q2 2018 Q3 2018 Q4 2018
Per month 12% 11% 10% 9%
Per day 0.40% 0.37% 0.33% 0.30%

Affiliate Program

Share your EPC Coin link with your friends and community

Earn with our referral program. Share your EPC Coin link with your friends and community and earn instant profits from us in addition to our passive lending income!


Answers for Your Questions


A: We accept Bitcoin - the most trusted and endorsed cryptocurrency.

A: The benefits are that early investors who believe in our capabilities can buy EPC Coin on the lowest price which will ever be available - $0.50-$1.20. Together with the project developing and the demand rising we expect to reach $100-$150+ per coin price in Q1 of 2019.

A: We are a 100% decentralized platform and we would like to keep it that way. Since the USDT equivalent is exactly $1, we believe this is the best possible way to achieve full decentralization. Moreover, all users can exchange their profits into EPC Coin or BTC and withdraw them from the platform at any time after the internal exchange is launched.

A: Simple - we would like to give a fair chance to anyone who wants to participate in our ICO. At the same time, we would like to prevent big whales from obtaining big portions of EPC Coin because that can give them the ability to disrupt the stability.

A: All coins that are not sold during our ICO period will be burned. We would like to keep the value high.

A: Our referral program is very simple and it goes three levels deep. Level 1 will earn you 8%, Level 2 - 4% and Level 3 - 1%. Using the program will earn you additional EPC Coin which you can decide how to use.

A: In case you experience such problems, please inform us on our email: support@epccoin.com.

A: Yes, we have integrated Google Authenticator (2FA). We highly encourage you to activate the 2FA before you send any funds to the EPC Coin Platform. You can enable it via the back office.

A: Yes, we will be launching the internal exchange in February 2018 at $8.00 price. EPC Coin will also be listed on external exchanges for additional options in March 2018.

A: Due to regulations in the USA and a lot of uncertainty coming from that region, unfortunately we do not accept US residents.

If you have other question, do not hesitate to contact us at support@epccoin.org

First Exchanges

First Exchanges & Price Projections

Exchange Listing Date Expected Price
Coinexchange Mar 25, 2018 $10.00 - $15.00
Cryptopia Mar 25, 2018 $20.00+
Livecoin Mar 25, 2018 $25.00+

Big Exchanges

EPC Coin is already designed and connected via its API to the largest and highly reputable crypto platforms such as Bittrex, Poloniex, Bitfinex, etc. The advantage of being connected to such exchanges is that it ensures that our trading stack executes trades within milliseconds. By earning a fraction with every trade executed, we are enduring a steady price uptrend for EPC Coin and at the same time we are sharing those profits with you, our investors.